Clear Skin Review is a group of skin care experts which hope to both demystify the world of acne, provide in depth guides and articles on the root causes of acne, the types of treatments available and what you should and shouldn’t do in plain English.

We feature product guides and consumer reviews of the most popular over the counter acne treatments and we look forward to your reviews and experiences in the fight against acne.

Meet The Team

Anna B

Anna has had to battle with acne since her late teens, and shares her experience dealing effectively with acne.
She has tried most products on the market, and had even started to experiment with home made serums.
Now with her acne under control, she can help thousands by sharing her experience on what works.

Dr Ritu Goel – Doctor & Certified nutritionist

Dr Ritu Goel is an experienced qualified doctor and a certified nutritionist.
She has been working in the healthcare industry for the last 13 years and is currently working as a physician and dietitian for a private clinic.

Dr Ritu has a passion for writing, and helping patients make positive changes in their lives through healthy living, and positive dietary changes.

In her spare time Dr Ritu loves to read books, cook various cuisines and travel to different places.

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