Can food cause an acne breakout?

Published:August 17th, 2012


Acne is a skin condition that can affect an individual no matter what his age, race or gender is.  It usually occurs during the teenage years when there is an overdrive of hormones due to the onset of puberty.  Women, in general are more prone to having acne because of certain distinct bodily changes that they undergo such as pregnancy and menopause.  During these phases of life, a cocktail of hormones is concocted causing a manifestation on skin.

Acne breakouts have lots of causes ranging from overproduction of the sweat glands which can cause clogged pores, to hormones, genetics, stress and diet.  The key in preventing the occurrence of this skin condition is by targetting the root cause.  Can food cause acne breakouts?  The answer to this question is both yes and no.  Yes, there are certain foods that when eaten in excess will result in breakouts.  And no, because some foods that were claimed to cause acne have been debunked as myths.  Read on and find out what kinds of foods cause an acne breakout.

Iodine Rich Foods

Fish, shrimp, crustaceans and other sea foods are rich in iodine; albeit good for preventing conditions such as goiter, these can cause acne breakouts.  There have been reports that consuming these foods in excess can trigger breakouts.  Same goes for spinach and other foods containing high amounts of salt including your favorite fast food items.

The Link between Dairy Products and acne

Milk has a known link to acne.  It is a processed food that contains antibiotics fed to cows. Moreover, it is high in testosterone that can trigger acne.  Sometimes, it can be full of iodine too because of certain supplements taken by cows.  Iodine, as mentioned earlier can cause acne breakouts.  Those who suffer from acne should refrain from drinking milk and consuming other related dairy products to prevent the increase in oil production, which can result in clogged pores.

Refined Sugar and Processed Foods

Those who consume a diet rich in refined sugar are prone to having acne breakouts since it can cause an increase in insulin production which in turn causes an increased testosterone production raising the incidences of acne outbreak.  When you have acne, avoid eating foods that are rich in refined sugar such as ice cream, white potatoes, white bread, and candies.  It is also best that you refrain from consuming sugary desserts.  When you suffer from acne, it is best that you consume a low glycemic diet.

Processed foods or those that are instantly found in a box or a container that can be micro waved, cold cuts and chips should be avoided as they contain toxins that can clutter your system.  Some of them are also salty which can be a source of iodine.  The combination of toxins and iodine can aggravate your acne especially if such food groups are consumed in excess.  Remember that the liver is the sole body part that filters away the toxins present in preservatives and additives, if it ceases to function, the body breaks down, which can manifest in your skin in the form of acne breakouts.

In Conclusion

If there are certain foods that exacerbate the presence of acne, know that there are food groups that can help control this affliction as well.  Learn to overhaul and make a mental note of the kind of food you consume.  Avoid those foods that cause acne breakouts and instead eat raw and organic fruits and vegetables.  The adage stating that you are what you eat holds true especially if you have acne.  Raw foods are rich in fiber which can help in flushing out harmful toxins from your system.  A cleansed body can manifest physically in the form of clear unblemished skin.








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