Reasons that can cause you an acne breakout

Published:September 26th, 2012


No doubt we all desire that smooth and glowing skin; unfortunately, at times we get breakouts of pimples that we can’t explain. If by any chance this happens to you on a regular basis, then you have the classic case of acne. For some, these may be small pimples (whiteheads) and for others, large pimples that may be red in appearance and sometimes very painful.

The question is, ‘What really causes acne?’

Following are some of the causes

Hormonal imbalance: In most cases, acne is associated with major changes in our body especially during puberty. At this time, hormones in our bodies are going haywire and this imbalance can cause a breakout of pimples. Acne is also very common in pregnant women, another phase associated with hormonal changes.

Frequent scrubbing: Contrary to what most people believe, frequent scrubbing of your face does not alleviate acne; rather it can trigger a pimple break out.  Gentleness is the key. We are not saying that you should not wash your face; the best thing is to gently clean your face in the morning and before you go to sleep or after an intensive work out.

What triggers acne due to scrubbing your face every so often is that the more you scrub your face, the more oil it produces and hence the acne.

Popping your pimples:  Picking of pimples may cause the pus from them to spread, causing a fresh breakout of acne. Another risk of bursting a pimple is that it may cause some scarring. If you absolutely need to pop a pimple, ensure that it is a matured zit, that is, by looking at it you can see the pus. Ensure you also clean that area immediately.

Birth control medication: You may probably have noticed pimples breaking out on your face after you started taking some kind of oral contraceptive. This is a very common cause of acne and you should report this to your doctor in order to get the medication changed. There is no other way around it, you just need to stop taking the drug causing it and get a new prescription.

Cosmetics: This can be a very tricky subject but the most important thing is to know your skin type and what cosmetics are best suited for it. For instance if you have oily skin, keep away from oily cosmetics. When buying your beauty products, insist on noncomedogenic products as these products do not block your skin pores. This will definitely keep acne at bay.

Constant touching of your face: If you can help it, avoid touching your skin every so often. This is because our hands carry a lot of germs and every time you touch your face, you transfer the germs to your face. When your skin pores are covered in dirt, you can be sure pimples are going to develop. To be on the safe side, just avoid touching your face.

Keep your hair away from your face: If your hair is oily, it is advised that you should keep them away from your face. The oil from your hair can clog your facial pores thereby causing acne.

Avoid breaking out a sweat: If you are constantly in hot places and sweat a lot, then you may constantly have the desire to itch. This is bad news as it is a powerful trigger for acne. Wear light clothes and keep yourself cool as much as possible.

There you have it, now you know what causes acne; there is no excuse for not having a beautifully radiant skin!



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