Treatment of acne using combination therapy

Published:November 22nd, 2012


Millions of people especially the youngsters are curious about finding an effective treatment for Acne. Over the counter anti-acne medications, scrubs, face-washes fail to provide any significant effect to many. What can be the possible solution to this incessant skin problem? The constant evolutionary change happening in the strains of microorganisms is making it difficult to treat the infections using the antibiotics, which used to be helpful in the past. Moderate or seriously severe acne not only makes you look ugly and reduces your confidence, but also damages your skin. This is because in people with oily skin, who doesn’t make an effort to keep their skin clean and dry, the sebum gets trapped and accumulated in the hair follicles providing a perfect and suitable platform for the acne causing bacteria to grow stronger and better. To date, researchers are doing all they can to come up with some solutions to treat severe acne by killing the bacteria efficiently.

Treatment of acne using combination therapy

Dermatologists have come up with a creative and intelligent approach for the treatment of acne using combination therapy. Out of many who are victims of acne, about 15% to 20% youngsters in their teens are affected by moderate and severe acne. Those who have mild acne are lucky enough to get rid of it by using over the counter anti-acne products containing the chief content as salicylic acid. The unfortunate ones with the tough bacteria need to fight those using antibiotics. The antibiotics can be used in form of pills or in the form of topical ointments.

Combination therapy is a good option when acne doesn’t particularly respond to a single antibiotic. This may happen due to two possible reasons.

  • Number one reason can be the fact that the patient has been exposed to many different antibiotics and has produced resistance against those antibiotics which is why the bacteria are not getting defeated.
  • Number two reason can be that the antibiotic administered kills the sensitive bacteria but is not good enough to kill the resistant ones.

In order to face this challenge, dermatologists and experts have developed a strategy of combining more than one antibiotics and by adding retinoids or benzoyl peroxide to this plan because both of these decrease the chance of resistance. This plan has proved to work. All of these three components of the combination therapy work simultaneously in the following way:

The intake of antibiotics orally effectively damage the bacteria present deep inside the hair follicles. Retinoid acts as an exfoliating substance and makes sure the pores of the skin don’t get closed. When you put benzoyl peroxide to your acne affected skin, it shows its antibiotic effect and eradicates the bacteria present on the exposed part of the skin. This combination therapy has been a blessing for many.

Other than this treatment with drugs, there is also an expensive option for treating acne. Thanks to advancement in technology, you now have an option called PTD (Photodynamic therapy) in which a safe and nontoxic light therapy is used to kill the resistant microorganisms. Though costly, this treatment promises to give incredibly amazing acne free results.

If you are tired of severe acne all over your face, it is time you see your doctor and discus about treatment of acne using combination therapy.


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