Yoga and Acne

Published:August 8th, 2012


One of the leading causes of acne breakout is stress.  Another reason is poor circulation.  However a good thing is that both of these causative factors can be managed by applying various treatment options.

Acne and Stress

Let’s take a look at stress for instance.  You should know what causes your stress and from there you know how to manage it.  Is the source of your stress are the random people whom you meet everyday in high school?  Are they your co-workers or your boss?  Are you having problems at home?  Stress factors such as these can be managed when you go into deep meditation.  Being attune to your senses is the key to dealing with stress.  Another way of managing stress is by practicing a certain form of yoga exercises.  You will find out later on that there are certain yoga poses that can be done to help clear your skin of acne.

Acne and Poor Circulation

Your sebaceous gland or the part of your body producing oil goes into overdrive especially during the teenage years.  When this happens, your pores become clogged and as a result acne appears.  Clogged pores are also the result of having poor circulation, which can be caused by tension and sometimes poor diet.  When blood is not freely flowing in your system, it manifests greatly on your skin.  Yoga is one exercise that you can do in order to promote good circulation.  The different poses that you do as part of yoga are claimed to ease tensed veins.

Yoga Poses That Help Clear Acne

Remember that before engaging in yoga practices, you must first consult your health care provider.  Note that the ideal poses for relieving the presence of acne includes inversions and forward bends, which are all aimed at increasing and regulating the blood flow in your face and upper body.

Forward bending or uttanasana is done using two to three yoga blocks placed in the center of a mat.  You should stand behind the blocks making sure that your feet and hips are pointed forward.  Raise your arms above your head as you inhale.  When you exhale, bend forward and place the top of your head above the blocks.  This yoga pose will soothe your nervous system and will definitely promote good circulation.

Headstand or sirsana is done against a hard surface or on top of a mat.  This pose must be done with extreme caution to avoid any fatal accidents from happening.  In case you are not ready to do this pose, seek help from your yoga instructor.  Sirsana is believed to promote circulation and help in relieving digestion and elimination problems.

You can also do the seated forward bend pose or the paschimottanasana.  Sit comfortably while making sure that your spine is lengthened towards the ceiling and your legs are outstretched in front of you.  Inhale deeply and when you exhale, you have to bend forward reaching your feet.  This yoga pose can actually help calm your nervous system.  It can also relax the muscles of your face and also promote gland activity.

Lastly, there’s the corpse pose or in yoga parlance savasana.  All you have to do is lie on your back with your legs slightly apart from each other making sure that your arms are away from your body.  Remember that your palms should be facing upward as well.  Hold this position for ten minutes to control your breathing and help soothe your nervous system.

Doing yoga exercises is just part and parcel of the alternative treatment options that are available in managing the presence of acne.  You can embrace this concept or combine it with other methods to receive great results.

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