iPhone Apps to Treat Acne

Published:November 22nd, 2010

iPhone apps promise to clear skin using light therapy and AcneApp has drawn interest from people who want to chat with their friends while also undergoing acne treatment. Once you download the application, you have to hold your phone to the skin, so the light therapy can start working. AcneApp is cheaper than most over the counter acne treatments, at just 1.19 pounds and is listed in the medical category of iTunes.

One other application is Acne Away – Pimple and Blemish Treatment and only costs 59p. The application is said to rely on the fact that studies have shown that blue and red light acne treatments can eliminate most acne causing bacteria, while also reducing skin blemishes.

However, the British Association of Dermatologists considers that such phone treatments do not work. The study mentioned by the application does not refer to the type of light emitted by a mobile phone. Although the wavelength of light used in the AcneApp is the same as the one used by dermatologists when offering light treatments, the intensity of light used by dermatologists is thousands of times greater.

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