Isolaz Acne Light Treatment

Published:December 6th, 2010

Isolaz is a unique acne treatment using a vacuum broadband light to deep cleanse and purify pores starting from inside out. This deep pore purification method is not associated with any oral medications. No matter what skin type you have, Isolaz offers a revolutionary way to treat acne showing immediate results within 24 to 48 hours. You will experience reduced redness, clearing of skin discolouration and flattening of the blemishes. Vacuum can help loosen and extract dirt, blackheads or excess oil from the pores while the broadband light can destroy acne causing bacteria, reducing facial redness.

A recent clinical study reported that 100% of patients did not report any pain during treatment. There are no post-treatment requirements associated with Isolaz therapy. Isolaz offers a solution for those who have not responded to other acne treatments, such as Accutane or other oral or topical medications.

Dermatology and Oculoplastic Consultants is an organization that was selected to take part in the ‘Stop-the-Pop’ national campaign which is aimed at educating teenagers and anyone experiencing acne problems on the Isolaz Photopneumatic treatment and why popping pimples is harmful.

When you pop a pimple, you actually push the infected material deeper into the skin, which can lead to worse inflammation and infection and increase your risk of scarring, said Heidi Anderson, MD, partner of Dermatology and Oculoplastic Consultants.

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