Different ways to reduce wrinkles

Published:November 8th, 2012


‘Forever young’ is a statement we love to throw into our conversations every now and then. Most of us hope to age gracefully but still, spotting wrinkles on our faces throws us into some sort of frenzy. Wrinkles are not exactly what you would love to see when you place yourself in front of that mirror. As you celebrate yet another birthday, among your list of priorities is probably to search for a way to reduce wrinkles. Good news is that in this time and age where technology and innovation is at the peak, you can manage to look as young as you feel. Here are some tips you could put into use in order to reduce wrinkles.

Sun protection

Sun protection is very vital for maintaining optimum skin health. Therefore, avoid the sun if you can, since studies have shown that it is the leading cause of wrinkles. Well, if you must go out in the sun then please wear sunscreen. Remember that the sun besides providing light and warmth also contains harmful ultraviolet rays. Protecting your skin against it will help prevent wrinkle formation as well as reduce the possibility of developing skin cancer.

Adequate sleep

There are natural non-costly ways to keep wrinkles at bay and top among them is sleep. You need to get adequate sleep as just like small children are asked to nap so that they can grow, sleep helps us to build and repair our skin. Inadequate sleep results in excess production of a hormone known as cortisol which breaks down skin cells. On the other hand, enough sleep allows for the growth hormone to repair the skin leaving it thick and more elastic. Moreover, when you sleep do it on your back. Reason is that sleeping on the side or face-down every other night causes formation of sleep lines which etch into the skin and form wrinkles. Avoid this and sleep on your back.

Proper skin care

For women, proper skin care is essential. In this context, avoid over-washing your face. Here, less is more because the more you wash the more you strip your skin of natural oils which offer moisturization. In essence, you are destroying the natural protection of your face and wrinkles will form easily. On the same note, always use a moisturizer. Your skin will not get dry and also well moisturized skin will definitely hide any lines and creases.

Inculcate good habits

There are certain habits we keep that predispose our skins to wrinkle formation. One of them is squinting because we do not want to wear reading glasses. The solution is simple; don’t squint. When you do, your facial muscles become overworked forming grooves underneath the skin surface which ultimately become wrinkles. Protecting your eyes from the sun also helps you from squinting. So, don those sunglasses and as you look good, you also protect yourself against wrinkles.

Quit smoking

The final tip on reducing wrinkle formation works for most other health conditions we do not want to get into. Quit smoking as it is not good for your lungs and heart and now you know that it also damages your skin. According to research, cigarette smoke ages skin because it releases an enzyme which damages the skin collagen and elastin. These are components of skin that help maintain elasticity and firmness. Without them wrinkles are bound to develop.


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