Skin Care Guide

How to look your best during each decade of your life


As your age advances, infinite number of changes takes place in your body including the skin, which is subjected to various adjustments. The daily signs which our skin displays in order to gain our attention and care also increase as we age. Therefore, you cannot use the same skin …

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Retinoid Treatment for different Problems of Your Skin


Everyone is well aware of the blessings of Vitamin A, especially for skin. Moreover, since the time it has been approved for acne treatment in 1971, numerous commercial products have incorporated this ingredient into their formulations to cure skin conditions. Not all, but quite many medical problems of skin …

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Role of Plant Stem Cells in Skin Care


It is a common knowledge that plants are beneficial not only for the ecosystem, but also for humans as well. There are many products that are obtained from plants such as paper, construction materials and fabric materials. Also in order to survive and keep our body healthy, we opt …

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Common skin care misconceptions


Most women and a good number of men can relate to skin care being a very important part of life. It is expected though because the state of your skin more often than not, reflects the state of your health. Moreover, great skin gives confidence and that is why …

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Understanding the Role of Vitamin C in Skin Care


A good skin care routine is essential for women of all ages.  Men can also benefit from routine skin care practices, which include keeping your skin clean, protecting it from the sun, and keeping it nourished. Proper skin care can reduce the appearance of aging and make your skin …

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Skin care and grooming in men


Generally, men are dreadful of beauty products and most of them have the notion that these products are meant only for ladies. This is not true because skin is sensitive and needs to be taken care of well. Furthermore, for the ultimate great look and great feel, proper skin care …

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Skin care to get a soft skin and body


When it comes to women and desire for great skin, the two go perfectly together. Generally, women have softer skin than men and consequently they have softer bodies as compared to men. That is why it is very important to take care of this skin so as to maintain …

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Perioral Dermatitis


Perioral dermatitis is a chronic and severe form of eczematous dermatitis that targets mostly children and women.  The lesions can be likened to another skin condition called rosacea.  It can sometimes be mistaken as acne.  Once diagnosed, people afflicted with this skin condition need a holistic form of treatment.  …

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Health Benefits of Honey on Skin


It is believed that only the gods of Mount Olympus can partake of the golden nectar.  Its sweetness is said to bring forth a multitude of benefits to the mere mortals who have the chance to taste it and use it as a topical ointment.  Honey, the fruit of …

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Treating oily skin


Healthy glowing skin is what you want in order to remain beautiful and charismatic. But that depends on what kind of skin you have. If you have oily skin, it might come up as a challenge for you. Oily skin leads to too many skin issues such as acne, …

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