Health Benefits of Honey on Skin

Published:July 18th, 2012


It is believed that only the gods of Mount Olympus can partake of the golden nectar.  Its sweetness is said to bring forth a multitude of benefits to the mere mortals who have the chance to taste it and use it as a topical ointment.  Honey, the fruit of labor of honey bees can satisfy our palates and can also remedy most skin afflictions that we are suffering from.  This wonder of nature can help in clearing our skin, in treating acne, and in lightening it.

Honey: a cure for multiple ailments

Honey is made up of a cocktail of sugar – glucose, fructose, water, oil and a specific enzyme produced by bees.  These compounds that make up honey are the main ingredients that make it a great antiseptic, antioxidant, antibacterial and anti inflammatory.  Think of it as a panacea – a cure for not just the skin problems but for other medical ailments as well.

The skin is the largest organ of the body.  It protects us from external forces that tend to harm us.  It is the first line of defense and because of that; the skin is faced with a lot of problems from infections and sun burn.  Blemishes and unwanted spots can appear any time.  Infections that can sometimes start with simple acne can be a burden especially if left untreated.  The cost of visiting a dermatologist to treat such ailments is sometimes not that practical.  Remember that not all people can afford this approach.  So what’s left is to get back to basics and embrace what Mother Nature has to offer.    Do you want a natural remedy for your skin problems?  Look for honey which is abundant in most places.

Curing blemishes and spots with honey

Most people want to have a clearer complexion.  Note that there is a vast presence of commercial products that promises to give you a flawless complexion that can be compared to that of celebrities, take note also that the prices of such products are downright outrageously expensive.   When you want to achieve a clearer skin without spending much, then you can try to prepare this honey mixture at home.  Mix honey with a small amount of turmeric with lemon juice and apply it over the unwanted spots and blemishes that appear on your skin.  Do this regimen regularly and in no time your skin will be clear and free of blemishes.

Honey to relieve acne

Acne, the mere presence of this malady is enough to send pre-teen or an adolescents hiding in their rooms until it fades away or heals.  Since the awkward stage cannot pass without the presence of acne, the only thing that you can do is to battle it with creams or other products that your dermatologist will provide.  In case you want to have a faster recovery without doing mortal damage to your pockets then turn to honey, the raw golden nectar when applied to acne for a period of 15 minutes can totally work wonders.  Remember to rinse it off after. Repeat this practice and after about a week or two, you can come out of your hiding place and face the world with more confidence.

Honey: an antibacterial

Being the largest organ, the skin has its own share of infections that may come in the form of ringworm, eczema and others.  Since these pose much of a problem, know that you can remedy it right away with honey.  One of the health benefits of honey is being an antibacterial.  So always keep a bottle of honey stashed away in your homes because you never know when it will come in handy.



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