How to look your best during each decade of your life

Published:November 16th, 2012


As your age advances, infinite number of changes takes place in your body including the skin, which is subjected to various adjustments. The daily signs which our skin displays in order to gain our attention and care also increase as we age. Therefore, you cannot use the same skin products throughout your life. Every decade of life has a new set of acclimatization which should be dealt in particular ways. The article deals with various clues regarding how you can enhance and re-create the beauty of your skin during each decagon of your life.

The 20s and 30s

This is the time of your youth when your skin blooms the most. You have exited the acne accompanied teen period and now ready to exhibit the max of your energy for your goals and aims. Just as you might have made blunders with the pimples during your teen, experts say that women are likely to make mistakes here too.

There is nothing more damaging to your skin than the sun. Hence, when you are between 20s and 30s, not wearing a sunscreen can make you regret later. It is recommended to use a moisturizer build-in sunscreen so as to delay those signs of aging which may become evident quite early due to sun exposure.

As far as anti-aging creams are concerned, you may go for them when you enter your 30s.

When in 20s, your skin displays its natural beauty. So let it shine free of overdone make-up trends.

Do not go for too many trends at once. Pick up the one you like and stick to it.

The 40s

Now here comes the era of your life which puts you into more consciousness than ever. As soon your 40s begin, so do your worries regarding the deteriorating beauty of your skin. The condition of your skin then depends whether you provide the right kind of care to preserve its shine as long as possible. Make sure you follow the right path. So what you did during the era of 20s and 30s is clearly exhibited in this fourth decade.

Breakdown of collagen is the main culprit that causes fine lines and wrinkles to pop up and which is accelerated by sun exposure as it absorbs the precious moisture leaving it dry, dull and uneven.

So it is the right time when you have to take start with Retinoid. Retinoid helps stimulate collagen production in skin and this in turn aids in vanishing wrinkles and fine lines to some extent.

Peels may also be used to scrape off the superficial dead skin cell layer.

Certain hormone related issues at this age are also likely to arise. Such problems can show signs on your skin such as ovarian cyst causes pimples. Hence, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist so that you use the product meant to correct the trouble.

Dermatological procedures such as ‘Thermage’ and ‘Fraxel’ are less aggressive but useful to tighten skin which goes hanging during the 40s.

The 50s

Indeed it is the time when the signs of aging can no more be hidden. And here, some really good tricks can come into great use. When arrived at menopause, a drop in estrogen level causes great impact on your skin collagen. So if you used retinol previously in your 30s and 40s, you do not have to worry a lot, and if not, then you may start now. Other products which aim at collagen production and can help include Idebenone, which is an anti-oxidant.

This decade of your life is also a part where you can consider wrinkle relaxer injections such as Botox or cosmetic filler injections such as collagen.

Another thing that may help here to bring back that somewhat youthful look can be vertical facelift surgeries.

As for the makeup is concerned, you have to go quite light on it now. Use lighter foundations and never overdo your eye makeup.

The 60s

Who can fight off aging? Well no body can do it yet but moisturizing products such as hyaluronic acid and wrinkle fighters such as Idebenone may do some of the task whereas the drooping and hanging skin can be beaten through surgeries. Do not stop using sun block. When you start getting into your 60s, you eventually have to rule out those makeup trends you followed before. At this age you have to use lighter shades as putting on dark colors produces harshness on a wrinkled face. Moreover, what could be better than a natural shine and glow on skin?



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