Perioral Dermatitis

Published:August 6th, 2012


Perioral dermatitis is a chronic and severe form of eczematous dermatitis that targets mostly children and women.  The lesions can be likened to another skin condition called rosacea.  It can sometimes be mistaken as acne.  Once diagnosed, people afflicted with this skin condition need a holistic form of treatment.  Dermatologists recommend the use of topical creams and ointments that should be applied over the affected area for a certain period of time.  In severe cases, surgery is recommended to alleviate the symptoms.  Furthermore, those with perioral dermatitis need to be assured that this illness will pass so long as other underlying factors justly receive treatment as well.


The reason for the occurrence of perioral dermatitis is generally unknown, but there are certain factors that contribute to its severity such as the application of certain topical steroids as a remedy for even the most minor of skin alterations.  Hormones may be one of the contributing factors that could subject anyone to have this type of skin condition.  Others who use certain soaps and cosmetic products may fall prey to perioral dermatitis as well.  Note that this condition is limited only to the skin.

Perioral dermatitis is said to be aggravated especially when the person afflicted is taking oral contraceptives and consuming excessive amounts of spicy foods, and drinking too much alcohol and caffeinated beverages.


Apart from redness that occurs over the affected area, other symptoms include the appearance of bumps that are small and pus filled.  Perioral dermatitis affects the areas between the nose and lips and can extend to the outlines of the lips.  The eyes, cheeks and even the chin can be affected as well.  Mild itching and even a slight burning sensation are also apparent.


Prevention is always better than cure.  One way of totally eradicating perioral dermatitis is by refraining from using products that contain very harmful ingredients.  Check the labels of cosmetic products first before purchasing them.  Avoid the regular use of moisturizers as well.  In case, you are used to applying moisturizers, make sure that it is water based and oil free.  You can also use cover ups such as scarves and veils, but note that these can slow down the healing process.  Learn to embrace good hygiene by washing your face with warm water and soap before retiring for the day.

Perioral dermatitis is a difficult disorder to treat.  The options that you can consider can range from taking oral antibiotics, applying topical creams and ointments to the affected area, to the more aggressive approach such as surgery depending on the severity of your condition.  Patience is needed before you can see the results.  Usually, it will take about a month or two before you will have clear skin once again.

Visiting a dermatologist is just part and parcel of the management options that you can consider because you can also embrace alternative forms of treatments.  You can always try the holistic approach of treating various skin conditions.  Start with overhauling your lifestyle.  Check the food that you are eating.  During the course of your treatment, consider eating a variety of green leafy vegetables to strengthen your capillaries that will help in promoting good circulation and by enhancing your immune system.  Consume foods that are rich in omega 3 as this can also help in the prevention of perioral dermatitis.

Also make it a habit to drink liberal amounts of water to flush out the toxins from your system.  Eight to twelve glasses of water everyday can certainly do wonders to your skin.  Other alternative ways that you can do is to live a stress free life because sometimes stress can be one of the causes why certain skin conditions such as perioral dermatitis surfaces.





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