Skin care to get a soft skin and body

Published:August 29th, 2012


When it comes to women and desire for great skin, the two go perfectly together. Generally, women have softer skin than men and consequently they have softer bodies as compared to men. That is why it is very important to take care of this skin so as to maintain it smooth and supple. Normal skin undergoes changes due to increase in age hence loss of elasticity and suppleness. Moreover, long term use of harsh soaps and hot water to shower damages the skin. Clothes we wear are made from different materials some of which may irritate the skin. Consequently, women need skin care that is specially formulated for their sensitive skin. There are a number of things women need to keep in mind with regards to proper skin care.

  • Soaps and cleansers

Normal bar and toilet soaps may well be used but in the course of time they end up being harsh on the skin. Most of them lack essential moisturizing components and therefore should be replaced with moisturizing bar soaps or body washes. These contain emollients and humectants which are components that will absolutely work to keep skin smooth and moisturized.  Next time you are out shopping for toiletries, look out for those soaps whose components include glycerin, and humectants such as petrolatum or sunflower oil. Women with sensitive skin should use fragrance free soaps because research has shown fragrance can be a skin irritant.

  • Skin moisturizers and creams for women

The market is flooded with all sort of lotions created for the woman after silky soft skin. Well, women with normal skin can benefit as long as the lotions contain natural oil. However, women with dry skin need much more moisturizing and may thus consider body creams that contain much stronger humectants such as dimethicone. Creams that contain glycerin, urea, lactic acid or ceramides are great if you are looking for extra moisturizing.

  • Body scrubs

Fruit body scrubs seem to be popular yet they may end up being harsh on the skin. They definitely smell great but they usually contain particles that vary in shape which may damage the skin. The best body scrubs when looking to have soft skin are those that contain synthetic beads or tiny grains of sugar. Their particles are likely to be more uniform, causing less damage to the skin.

  • Antiperspirants and deodorants for women

These sometimes irritate the skin on our underarms especially for women with sensitive skin. Some contain chemicals such as aluminum compounds which may plug sweat pores. It is important to use mild deodorants and antiperspirants that contain less potent chemicals. Those that contain petrolatum are good for moisturizing skin. It is also better to use those that are non-staining if you do not want to remain with a white residue on the skin or a stain on the clothes.

  • Sun protection

The sun is good for skin as it aids in the synthesis of vitamin D. However, ultraviolet rays from it may cause skin wrinkles, age spots and may even predispose you to skin cancer. Everyday sun protection for the skin is really important. Use of body lotion containing SPF 15 or 30 on the body parts not covered by clothing is the ideal skin protection against harmful rays of the sun.

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